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About Us

What comes to mind when you hear the words “Iron Horse Western?”

Some people might think about the metal silhouette of a bucking bronco and rider positioned over their grandpa’s fireplace. It was a simple reminder to him of past days, hard work, country cooking, and an ethical sensibility.

Other people are reminded of their sixth-grade history lessons. 

That’s right! The Iron Horse locomotive was a powerful symbol of westward expansion in the American frontier. The steam railroad poignantly and unabashedly drew settlers toward the promise of a rich and vibrant life outside of the city. If you could make it out west, you could seize the lifestyle that your family deserved. 

This is where Iron Horse Western wants to retake people!

Western culture, art, fashion, and food are still unbelievably attractive to crowds of people. The difference is that we’ve come a long way since the days of the steam engine.

The Iron Horse train was a symbol of modern ingenuity, but it was also a symbol of freedom. This is what the western lifestyle means to many people today. Though they must live and function in the modern world, they can still have their fill of what they love about country living.

This is what we aim to do. We want to bring people together to enjoy what it means to be an admirer of all things western. We want to provide a place to explore topics like,

  • The best in modern fashion trends that are inspired by country gear.
  • Western recipes that get applause at the county fair, or taste like your grandma’s cookin’.
  • Old fashioned tools and work methods that are still useful around the farm and home.
  • The best trucks for backcountry excursions.
  • How to find, and get the most out of, western ranch vacations, tours, and adventures.
  • Western home and office interior design ideas.
  • How current events affect the western lifestyle.
  • The most popular new books and journals by western authors.
  • The best places to find western paintings, sculptures, and other artworks.
  • Good clean country humor.

Iron Horse Western is here to bring a little country into the lives of people who are far removed from the ranch life. It’s also here to help keep the home fires burning hot for those who are lucky enough to live in America’s rural areas. 

With the old railway, the eastern coast met the western coast. What a wonderful time it must have been. With Iron Horse Western, yesterday and today come together…with rodeos, tractors, and leather. 

See, there’s a bit of cowboy poetry for ya’!

Iron Horse Western is our “brand” of blog, and we hope it becomes yours as well!